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Photo Shoot for a Veterinary Clinic

This past weekend I was invited by a good friend to take pictures of his family veterinary clinic for a relaunch of their website. If you are in the Toronto or Scarborough area, and are in need of veterinary services for your pet, check out Milliken Bridlewood Animal Clinic.

The idea was to take some photos of the interior space and some portraits of my friend's sister, the chief veterinarian.

Having never done a commercial shoot or photographed pets, this was quite an interesting experience. Some of the challenges included lighting (with only had an on-camera flash) and colour balance. All of the interior shots were done on a tripod with the Zeiss 16-35mm lens at around 16mm. Here are some edited of the photos of the interior:

I was aiming for the clean, bright look and one of the challenges was to get the white balance right. In Lightroom, I warmed up the yellow walls to a more orange hue for added warmth, and boosted the exposure a bit more than I would normally set it.

One thing I learned was to let images "sit" for a while before delivering them to the client. A few days after the initial edit, I found many of the photos to be over-exposed, and corrected them accordingly. If I had delivered the photos right after the initial edit, the client would have ended up with over-exposed photos.

Here are also some edited photos of the portraits, which were taken with the Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens. It was a real challenge capturing the "right moment" for our pet models.

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