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Budding Cherry Blossoms

Two weeks ago, a friend and I went to High Park in Toronto early in the morning in hopes of getting some shots of blooming cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, it looked like we were a bit early as they had not fully bloomed.

The shots were taken with a combination of a telephoto (24-240mm), and a close focus 35mm (on the RX1R II). The bokeh on the telephoto looks a bit nervous, but I thought gave an interesting look. The telephoto shots were done close to sunrise (hence the warmer, orange tones), but I ran out of battery on the Sony a7II by late that morning and had to switch to the RX1R.

240mm, f6.3

35mm f2

35mm f2

35mm f4

240mm f6.3, at sunrise.

The biggest challenge I experienced with these flower shots was in controlling the depth of field (DOF). It was hard to balance between having a nice blurry background, but at the same time keeping the subject in focus as much as possible. Overall I found it easier to achieve a proper balance using the longer lens at a narrow aperture (240mm f6.3) than the shorter lens at a wider aperture (35mm f2).

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